Our mission is simple

We enable learners of all ages to achieve their goals through the creation of effective and engaging digital learning experiences

The history of Lancashire Digital


Lancashire Digital was founded in 2004 by Greg and Len Adam as a dedicated educational software team. All of the inital staff were hand-picked for their experience working in the education sector.

Throughout the next 10 years, Lancashire Digital went from strength to strength, working with education industry leaders including Pearson Education, Promethean and Cambridge University Press. With a strong internal philosophy and clear strategy and leadership from Managing Director, Greg Adam, the team has grown and continues to grow.

In 2006 the company decided to widen their focus, although keeping a strong educational slant, working with training providers to create e-learning training materials for corporates, government agencies and more.

Buckshaw Village green man

The conversion from Flash to HTML5

Over the early years of the company, the predominant technology used in the company was Adobe Flash and most of the internal developers would recognise Flash as their core skill. In 2010 however, Greg realised that the days of Flash as the main delivery mechanism for e-learning were numberered and the internal team started their transition to development using HTML5.

This foresight proved to be revolutionary for the company, as Lancashire Digital developers were upskilled to HTML5 well ahead of the curve. This put them in a strong position to win work for both new development using HTML5, but given the cross-skills of the team, a large quantity of Flash to HTML5 conversion projects were undertaken.

Today sees the team as a well-seasoned group of HTML5 developers with a strong background in Flash development, along with back-end specialist developers for our platforms projects. If you have any requirements for educational content or platform based work, please get in touch.

“Lancashire Digital are dedicated to understanding our needs as a company and their thirst for learning about our systems and methods is unmatched.” - Bob Sandy, Managing Director, Ten Town

Anyone who has worked with us is sure to have experienced our commitment to building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We strongly believe that our best quality service comes from a dedication to understanding you, your users and your business. We will work to ensure we understand your needs and your systems to ensure all of our work helps you to reach your goals.