The Maths Factor

Conversion and design update of over 100 primary maths based assessment engines and games from Flash to HTML5.

The Maths Factor

About The Maths Factor


We were approached by Pearson Education to get involved in The Maths Factor as a result of our longstanding relationship and our experience in creating and converting maths based HTML5 engines. Pearson acquired The Maths Factor in 2013 and were embarking on a long term plan to convert and upgrade the product which is aimed to 'Unlock your child's confidence in maths'. The programme is created by Carol Vorderman.


We worked with Pearson's technical lead for the project to create a flexible yet consistent architecture on which we could build the hundreds of warm-up and practice engines. Throughout the process of creation, we used unit tests to test each component of the code base, to ensure we were aware of any issues created as we expanded the volume of the code.

Whilst the basis of the project was conversion from pre-existing Flash activities, we were also refreshing the content as we went along, so our designers worked alongside developers to provide a clean and simple design which was appealing to the target audience.

With the conversion to HTML5 we were obviously also aiming for compatibility with mobile and tablet devices. This lead to some usability reviews being required and all activities were created with the multiple delivery device model in mind. We also implemented full keyboard accessibility throughout all of the games.


A large part of The Maths Factor is the strong platform structure guiding users through the lessons, games and activities with a rewarding progress measure through the collection of marbles. As such we were required to integrate our content tightly with the platform. We worked closely with Pearson's internal platform developers on this project and the result was a fantastic seamless user experience.


With a large scale press launch on this project, when the project was delivered we created a launch widget which was designed to test people's knowledge of the new maths primary curriculum. This widget went viral on release and was shared far and wide through facebook, on newspaper websites and more.

The Maths Factor is a huge success, and we have been proud to be a part of the team.

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