Grammar & Spelling Bug HTML5 Games

A series of rich games templates to teach spelling and grammar

Grammar & Spelling Bug HTML5 Games

About Grammar and Spelling Bug

Pearson Education approached us in 2012 to create a set of games templates to for their upcoming Spelling and Grammar Bug product, which was to be an extension of the already very successful Bug Club line of products. We jumped at the chance to work on such an innovative and fun project.

The first iteration of the games was to be delivered as a set of Flash games, each offering the user the opportunity to use a different mechanic to complete a series of questions. Through the use of rich animation and rewarding end-game sequences and puzzles the user was able to practice a set of core spelling and grammar skills, and all of their results were saved back to the pre-existing Bug Club platform.

To implement the games, we worked with the Pearson 3rd party animator, whose excellent eye for detail worked well with our detailed and comprehensive template approach to game development.

Each game was implemented to be driven by an XML file to supply content and each game had three different skins suited to the range of ages across Key Stage 1 and 2.

After completion and release, we were approached again to repurpose these games from Flash to HTML5. This process involved ensuring all animations and transitions were converted as close as possible to the original. This led to some challenges that we overcame relating to both performance and usability across a range of mobile platforms previously unsupported.

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