Game based templates for Maths, aimed at providing practice activities in a fun setting for primary. All surrounded by a simple but flexible platform.


About MathsChamps


We were commissioned by the team at Pearson Education to create a fun, games-based premium website aimed at delivering Maths to children aged 5-11. The website provided basic account management and access management, whilst the games covered a wide range of maths concepts using 10 different game engines each using 3 separate skins. In total around 100 content instances were created covering the range of ages. All games included a scoring system, meaning that children were motivated to try and answer quicker and more accurately to increase their score, and scores were mapped to a high score table, allowing children to aim to be a Maths Champ.


One of the important points for this project was that it was designed to be delivered and accessed on a range of devices. We supported Interactive Whiteboards, PCs, Laptops and of course, tablets. A lot of thought and testing went into the implementation of control mechanisms for each of these devices and this has proven to be very successful. A key consideration on a project such as this was balance - we needed to ensure that no particular type of user was at an advantage over others so that high scores were achievable on any device. This has turned out to be a huge success.


We worked very closely with the Pearson team, using the Scrum methodology and we operated as an extended team with their experience development managers and content experts. Design was supplied on this project through two third party companies who we liaised with to ensure a smooth process.


We produced two versions of the website, the first was a free-to-play version which is available at The free version does not include all game types and instances and is also The premium version is fully complete and awaiting release.

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