GCSE Computing microsite

Worksheets and tasks to test knowledge around the GCSE Computing curriculum.

GCSE Computing microsite

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CUP approached us in early 2014 to discuss the potential of us working with them to provide a microsite for their upcoming GCSE Computing project. This site was to be an accompanying site to their already produced MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in association with Raspberry Pi. After discussions with CUP it was decided that we would use the Concrete5 Content Management System for the project, in line with other projects they already had in production.


For this project, the first step was to come up with a range of wireframes and visual mock-ups of the various parts of the site. The site was designed to test the user through a series of interactive worksheets and assignments covering the GCSE Computing curriculum. We were given the task of creating rich and engaging designs all compliant with CUP's strong brand identity guidelines.

Once the designs had been created, we went through a review period with CUP providing feedback and our designers creating further mock-ups exploring areas of question. This process works exceptionally well allowing our clients to visualise what they will get without the work involved in development. This gave us a very strong brief for development.

At this stage we then moved on to creating static templates for the HTML for the various pages. This gave us the flexibility to extensively test our pages across a range of devices and platforms before integrating with the Content Management System.

The next stage in the process was to integrate the front-end templates with the Content Management System. We created a series of custom 'blocks' (a concrete5 specific term for an area of the page) which would output the required style based on editorial input. The concrete5 system provides a very simple approach for editorial control of content without technical requirements.

Once all was in place, we then created all the content, using the concrete5 interface. This meant translating the copy provided by CUP to fit the templates created.

Once all of this was done, a thorough period of testing ensued. This took several forms including editorial, technical and usability testing sets to ensure all worked and was delivered as planned.

On completion and sign-off from the CUP side, we then moved on to deploy the site for all to see.

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