GCSE Maths online marketing animation

Stylish marketing animation to introduce Cambridge University Press’ new product, GCSE Maths Online.

GCSE Maths online marketing animation

About the animations


We were approached by our client, Cambridge University Press, to produce a marketing animation for their upcoming release of GCSE Maths Online. The product is an online, interactive maths course as you may expect from the title.


We utilised a slightly modified version of our core process for this project, first holding a series of workshops over Skype to establish the requirements from a content and design perspective. From this we were provided with a script to work to.

Initially we produced a style guide for the project, providing a range of options for things such as character design, transition style, interface design etc. All of this was based upon the information provided by CUP, such as the brand guidelines and product samples. This approach enabled us to whittle down the options to those preferred by the client.

From here, we produced a storyboard covering the animation script using the style agreed. This gave a strong visual insight into how the animation would come out, without spending the time on creating the full animation. Having regular review points like this means that the product has a much higher chance of meeting expectations, and in any cases where there is a misunderstanding, this is much less of an issue to resolve.

Once all static designs have been agreed, we moved on to creating the full animation. This is where the designs really come to life, and our experienced animators were able to work their magic. On delivery of this, we went back and forth with the client to make a few minor amendments before deploying for use on the various marketing portals the Press have.


This project was a very smooth one, and a great example of using a tailored version of our process to ensure suitability for the product. The outcome was a high quality animation, on-brand and delivered within budget.

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