IB Science

Rich, cross-platform staged animations for Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

IB Science

About IB Science


We worked with Pearson Education to convert a series of science animations covering Chemistry, Biology and Physics from Flash to HTML5. These animations were designed to cover the International Baccalaureate curriculum.


On starting the project one of the key decisions was the approach to take in delivering the animations to ensure quality, consistency and value for money. We offered our experience in this area in order to ensure that are efficient conversion process was in place which produced high quality yet streamlined assets to work across a wide range of browsers and devices.

We decided to use the CreateJS toolkit for Adobe Flash CC on this project. We provided the animators with a set of guidelines to work with to ensure full compatibility with the HTML5 Canvas export from Flash and we created a custom player which supported the use of key frames to provide breakpoints in the animation. The player was also able to support multiple skins, allowing different looks for the three different subjects. The animations have been very well received and are working smoothly across all required devices.

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