LMD: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham induction learning modules


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We have worked with LMD Learning Solutions since 2007 as a technical partner. They are experts in helping organisations achieve higher performance through learning and development.


LMD had a project with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham to help provide induction training for new starters at the organisation, and this included the provision of some e-learning modules. We were brought in as technical partners to assist with the build process.

There were several limitations on the build, including support of old browsers and the inability to save data to the learning management system. We worked with LMD to overcome these challenges however and created a set of core page templates for information delivery, interactivity and assessment. With value for money being paramount, the template approach meant that we were able to create engaging and conformant content whilst still maintaining budget. The modules used a tracking system where users had to collect a series of keys for completing sections, and collecting all of these allowed the user to print a certificate with their details on as proof of completion.

Working as a technical partner with LMD has been very rewarding and allows us to provide technical strategies that help our clients meet their goals.

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