Flexible Flash based assessment templates for cross-curricular secondary content.


About Activelearn


This project was commissioned by Pearson Education and our remit was to build a complex set of integrated assessment templates covering a wide range of assessment delivery mechanisms. The assessments were to be used by GCSE and A-Level students across a wide range of subjects yet to be specified. We created an extremely configurable set of templates allowing the Pearson authoring team to populate questions in a variety of ways using a variety of media types.


All of this was underpinned by the Activelearn platform implemented by a 3rd party. Included in our remit was the Scorm interface to this platform allowing users to dip in and out of assignments as required with the activities able to repopulate all data at any point.


We took Pearson's existing brand for Activelearn and created a thorough set of design mockups for each template type and for the overarching player. The key element here was creating a flexible design to cater for the myriad of different approaches and combinations for each template whilst maintaining consistency.

Content authoring

On this project, content authoring was a huge consideration. We had a set of complex templates which could be sequenced in any order and had a range of feedback options. We create a Flex based authoring system to be used by non-technical personnel which was integrated directly into Pearson's internal content management system. This meant that a member of Pearson staff was able to create assessment activities easily with no technical knowledge, and these could be deployed without any requirement for manipulation of files.

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