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In 2011 we were commissioned by our friends at Pearson Education to produce a series of rich Flash games for the primary market. In the first round of this project we produced 9 games with a set of 6 separate skins along with around 100 content instances covering KS1 and 2. These games were to form one part of Pearson's wider Abacus product, and we also provided some other parts of this project too.


We worked closely with Pearson Education and their 3rd party animator create rich, game experiences allowing the user to practice their maths skills in a range of ways. Each game had a central mechanic on which it would operate, such as text-entry, gap-fill etc. and a series of rewards and game mechanics to ensure the experience was fun each time. We tied all of this to a scoring system to ensure competition and a Scorm back-end system to save scores to Pearson's ActiveLearn Primary platform.

In 2012 we worked with Pearson again to convert the original 9 games to HTML5 to ensure cross-platform capability with special focus on mobile tablets. At the same time we also created a further 5 new games each with 3 new skins. On this phase we provided some of the illustration and animation services too.


These games have been exceptionally well-received and Pearson have been extremely happy with the quality and the cost-effectiveness of these games.

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