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Flash activities integrated with Promethean's class based Learner Reponse Systems.

Learning Clip

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We have worked with the team at Learning Clip since 2008 and have an excellent working relationship on a range of projects. One of the core areas of focus has been the integration of the Promethean Learner Response Systems with our Flash based activities.


When we first worked with Learning Clip we spent several years developing Flash activities based on design and specification supplied by Learning Clip. Over the years this has become several hundred bespoke Maths activities covering the KS1 and KS2 curriculum. During the development of these activities Learning Clip approached us to discuss integration of the Promethean Learner Response System with the activities we had produced. At this point in time there was an SDK available for integration, and we created a custom Windows based application that could bridge between Flash activities and the Promethean SDK.

Once we had a mechanism for Flash to be able to communicate with the hardware, we then worked with Learning Clip to produce an approach to assessment that was very unique. Students in a class were able to respond to a question posed on the whiteboard and the answers from the students would drive the next stage in the activity. We were able to analyse a group of data and directly affect the progress through the Flash. All responses were able to be saved back to the Learning Clip website too, meaning that teachers could analyse trends and spot problem areas for a particular student or an entire class.

The Learning Clip project has proven very successful and is in use in many schools around the world.

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